Design Tips For Your Nursery!

Design Tips For Your Nursery!

Being a new mum is such an exciting time, you might be reading books, deciding on your top names, picking out baby clothes and of course getting your nursery ready!

Decorating your nursery can be very exciting, but it can also be a bit stressful. You have so much on your plate that you need to prepare for before your baby arrives, you may not even know where to start! But don't let stress take away something that is supposed to be fun and exciting! 

We want to help you get started and inspire you to decorate your babies nursery the way you envision! Someday they won't want you to be decorating their room, or even coming into it, so take advantage while you can!

Nursery Chair:

You will be spending a lot of time in this room, consoling your baby, reading and rocking it to sleep, you will need something comfy to sit on! Choose a comfy large armchair that you would be happy to sleep on and breastfeed in, trust us you won't regret this nursery addition.


Nowadays, we accumulate so much stuff, storage space has become a part of how we design our homes. Babies are no exception; they need a lot of things, from toys, nappies and clothing, you will need as much storage as you can afford. Having closet space or shelving is ideal, but you can also use fabric boxes and bags, trunks or crib storage.

Add Textile To The Room!

If you want to add a little extra flair to your baby room, why not try a feature wall of fun wallpaper! You can then keep to the theme of the colours within your wallpaper to ensure your nursery doesn't look mix-matched. 

Gender Neutral Rooms:

If you haven't found out the gender of your child and want your nursery to be more gender-neutral, using earth tones and light, airy colours like beige, white and light grey might be better used. A lot of gender-neutral rooms now are a bit retro and are themed around plants and the earth.

Gender Neutral Nursery

Mobile Hanger:

The mobile hanger has become the staple of a nursery but has now also become a statement piece. It is no longer a plastic toy with animals going around in a circle, but it can tie a room together. We love these fabric mobiles, they are almost more of an art piece in the room now.

nursery mobile

Art Work:

Just because it is a nursery doesn't mean you can't add some artwork, you will be spending a lot of time in this room, so add something that you will bring a smile to your face and help you feel relaxed.


The crib is one of the essential parts of a babies nursery, it's their "first home." There are so many different styles you can choose, from wooden ones, to modern white ones and to cribs that have a headboard. But we do have a few tips for you when deciding.

Firstly we suggest you buy a new crib and not a second hand one, unless it is relatively new. Old cribs may not follow the latest safety standards and they can be harmful to your baby. If you do decide to buy second hand however, please make sure it is up to code and that it is not too out of date.

Make sure you buy a mattress that is not too soft and is not sagging; this is to ensure your baby does not roll over and restrict breathing. It is always best to buy a new mattress to ensure it is firm, you can use mattresses used by your older children, again making sure it is still firm. The NCT also suggests not buying second hand because of a possible small increased risk of SIDS in mattresses brought in from another home.

Check out more safety tips before purchasing your crib on the NCT website. 

nursery cribs


Every room needs a rug, but rugs are great in a nursery so that your baby has somewhere soft to lay and eventually crawl around on. Now don't go breaking the bank on a rug, as I’m sure it will have some stains on it by the time the year is up, but get something that suits your style and that will harmonise the room. If you have gone for no textile on your walls and not much colour, maybe adding a funky rug will add just the right amount of pop for your room. 

nursery rugs 

Enjoy decorating your nursery and cherish these moments, they only happen in life maybe a few times.


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